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Each beginning is difficult

Ralf and Nicole met each other in the "Luedenscheider Altstadtbuehne" (a theater). While Nicole stood in the footlights in front of the public on the stage, Ralf worked in the background.

Ralf had his eyes to Nicole from that day he saw Nicole the first time. However, Nicole did not take any note from Ralf, because there was only Michael for her, by which Ralf came into the "Altstadtbuehle" at all.

To all appearances, Michael had no interest in Nicole, because one day he said to her: "Phone Ralf..." And this the fate took its course:

For the first appointment, Ralf invited Nicole into the cinema - a gentlement of the old school.

Some time later, when Nicole was alone at home, she invited Ralf to a meal.

Then, the annual fair took place at the Hohe Steinert. Nicole got frozen to the marrow that evening, but instead of simply taking her in his arms, Ralf let Nicole frozen the whole evening. From confident sources we know that Ralf was very much annoyed at his behavior afterwards,
because everything could have gone much faster...

Anyhow, on 22nd December 1997 the engagement and already 1 years later, on 2nd July 1999 the civil and on 3rd July 1999 the church wedding took place.

To this event, the "Wedding-News" congratulates the bridal couple!

Please congratulate them and sign

Nicole's and Ralf's Wedding-Guestbook.

They would be verry happy about this!
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