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A matter of our own

For a long time we sat
time and hour almost forget,
much sweated and simluates,
thought and tried out,
until the newspaper has been finished,
thank God, here it is!

Authors were not involved,
and it was also a little bit hasty,
as you do not speak of a work of art
of this newspaper.
Nevertheless, the good will
was strongly available in the silence.

May accompany by the wedding celebration
joyfully you the next pages.
Is the joke also sometimes austere
do not say directly :"Oh dear, how stupid!"
Think, that it is made for fun
and everyone also laughs sometimes.

The editor


Responsible for the webpage http://www.hochzeitszeitung-online.de is:

Thomas Frese
Landweg 81
59439 Holzwickede
eMail: info@hochzeitszeitung-online.de

Berlin Paris New York Schalksmuehle - There's no day passing without any new sensation message since the internet wave sloshes. From "A" like animal to "Z" like zwieback, everything can be found in the internet.

The Hochzeitsanzeiger has realized the characters of time. The total online edition can be retrieved for ever and ever under the following address:

A "virtual guest book" made the start under this address in January 1999, which served the purpose to collect as many best wishes as possible for Nicole and Ralf.

You can find the highlights of the received mails published on pages 12 and 13. By the way: The guest book is still further there after 3 July 1999 and waits also for your registration!


The "Wedding-News" in the WWW
(Worldwide Wedding Web)

Please congratulate them and sign

Nicole's and Ralf's Wedding-Guestbook.

They would be verry happy about this!
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