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SCHALKSMUEHLE You may read here the secrets from the childhood of the bridgegroom:

Ralf loved walks already at an early age. Armed with had and umbrella he already stood at the door while his parents still put on their shoes.

His first love at the age of two years was Claudia. But don't worry, Claudia is happily married in the meantime and furthermore, Ralf only loves Nicole today.

Ralf always spent his holidays with aunt Mariechen in Vome. There, he was soiled with meal, and Mrs. Domroese assembled the railway only for him at which he could play as long as he wanted.

But Ralf was also a small "sly fox". Outwardly, he seemed to be very nice, but in reality, he got up to mischief a lot:

One day, Ralf wanted to know how photos were made. He had a Voigtlaender camera from his parents. He cut a hole of one square centimetre into the folding bellows in order to find this out. But he did not see anything except a black hole. He did not say anything to his parents, they heard this story some years later.

Another time, Ralf wanted to know how cigarettes taste. He met with the neighbour children in secret at the garage of Knetsch. His friend brought along the cigarettes. Ralf had to admit himself, however, that he does not like smoking because the whole ended in a large coughing fit.

With the age of 7 years, one could suspect Ralf's preference for the German Red Cross. But one may not suspect his job in his childhood.

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