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Luedenscheid Our experts made some investigations about the perfect couple for our readers. Read exclusively in the "Wedding-News" something about the childhood of Nicole and Ralf.

As they say, Nicole was - even if her parents may not hear this anymore - a child which was "easy to handle". She was taken everywhere from her parents, e.g. to go and shop and eat or something like that. And this was not done in a pram but in her father's arms. Unlike to "conventional" children who like to stay up longer in the evenings Nicole went to bed early with pleasure.

Best of all, Nicole spent her holidays in her childhood with her grandmother in Oldenburg. She was allowed to do everything there and so she sat on the kitchen cupboard and helped her grandmother to peel the potatoes.

But also in Luedenscheid she was allowed to help her father to lawn the grass. She carried the lawned grass away with her small bucket. Wolfgang did not count how often she went away with her small bucket. As a reward, she was allowed to watch the sport reporting with her father in the evening.

Nicole hated at most honey. She got that whenever she had bronchitis. Once, she should eat a spoon of honey before she went to her grandmother. She did it reluctantly. Hardly she was on the stairs, she spat out the honey immediately.

Butzi, the small budgie, was almost 10 years with Nicole and did not left her side even when she was ill.

With approximately 9 years, Nicole fell over the steering wheel of her bicycle. Fortunately, she only had a small concussion, her face was, however, very disfigured, so that she looked like a zombie (as Wolfgang said): one eye was completely closed, the other was bloodshot. She lay in hospital for five days and was then transported into a special hospital for children only with an ambulance. During that time, she got a lot of letters from her school-friends.

At the grammar school, Nicole had good and bad times. Her preference for languages helped her that she did not change the school although her parents thought about it. When Nicole got a bad mark in school, she went with her mother into the city and both bought something to get a better mood. After her parents had expressed the thought of a school change, Nicole learnt English and French vocabularies - with success, as one can see at her job and the private coaching.
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